Dunsfold Park Communications

Dunsfold Park Communications

The Rutland Group manages all of its community engagement in-house, including on the proposed development of Dunsfold Park. Public and community participation has been an important component of the Masterplan and stakeholder consultations have been undertaken throughout the planning process to test and refine the proposals.

The most recent 2019 consultation strategy was shaped in conjunction with Waverley Borough Council, to support the discharge of condition 8 of the planning permission, which requires submission of a Masterplan Document detailing design principles and character areas (including density, scale and car parking).

The aims of the consultation were to:

  • Identify, inform and engage effectively with all stakeholders, including local government, neighbours and residents living close to Dunsfold Park and potential residents, of the updated Masterplan layout for Dunsfold Park.
  • Encourage stakeholders to contribute feedback, ideas or suggestions, which would then be captured and used to inform the final Masterplan document.
  • Identify concerns and respond to these where possible providing additional information or further liaison.

The consultation was shaped over three stages: Informing, Engaging and Evaluation and feedback. During the informing phase the right content was tailored and presented through various mediums to identified audiences with access to information made clear and easy. In phase two the messaging shifted from Informing to Engaging and as well as traditional methods of consultation, online engagement and interaction to reach the silent majority was at its core. Once the project team reviewed and evaluated the consultation data the results were published in a Statement of Community Involvement.

  • Client: The Rutland Group & Trinity College Cambridge
  • Location: Cranleigh, Surrey
  • Our Role: Investor / Property Development / Project Management / Property & Land Management / Communications / Events
  • Start date: 2002
  • Completion date: On-going